About Doc Green’s

Our Company

Founded by native Oklahomans who are passionate about providing you a better medicine. Your medical needs are important to us and as we stand with you, we also stand behind the medicinal use of cannabis. We are excited to offer you friendly and fast customer service. We look forward to partnering with you for your medical marijuana needs.

Our Values






Our Mission Statement

At Doc Green’s in Stillwater Oklahoma, we believe that we have the full ability to provide the population of Stillwater, OK., holistic, high-quality medical cannabis that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them every time you stop by to see us.

Our dispensary is the top-rated go-to destination for those who desire to use cannabis for relief from any of their qualified medical conditions. We are defined by our excellent budtenders, top-rated products, and our convenient location. 

Compassionate BudTenders and Valuable Service

Doc Green’s dispensary carries a wide range of fresh products that will meet your personal and medical needs, as you will be fully supported and guided by our experienced and knowledgeable budtenders. It is always our goal to give you the friendliest services and immediate customer support.

Doc Green’s is here to help you get in and out quickly with everything you will need to begin. We will ensure that you understand all of your options and, if you choose to share your medical symptoms with us, we can get you the most efficient medication that we have available. You won’t need to try out various products to find the best, we’ll help you get there.

Our budtenders are your personal shoppers who have all the information that you need to find the best product for you. They will remain by your side throughout your entire experience and can answer any question you may have, big or small. Go ahead and lean on them for help. It’s what they do.

Quality Products at the Best Prices

Here at Doc Green’s in Stillwater Oklahoma, we are passionate about marijuana’s healing powers and confident in our ability to match your desires to the most appropriate medication we have available. Our items are always changing, bringing you more flavors and various potencies to try. 

Check our  Stillwater dispensary menu for new and exciting options and opportunities available to you and our community.

All of our products are grown locally in Oklahoma and vetted for the highest quality. Check back with us each month for information on our new products. If we are out of a product you have grown to love, our awesome budtenders can quickly find you an equally viable alternative to meet your medical expectations and expand your palate. 

Convenient and Visible Location

Doc Green’s Main Street dispensary is very easy to get to and is owned and operated by people in your Stillwater community. The dispensary is located on the corner of Elm Avenue and Main Street: 106 W. Elm, to be exact. Our location is available in detail on Google Maps, or you can give us a call at (405)564-5170. We’re all local so we can get you here pronto. As long as you are over 18 and have your OMMA card, stop by and say hi. Just look for the green building and come on in!

Your Health and Wellness at Doc Green’s

We are a growing team of trained and passionate Oklahomans who trust in the medical use of cannabis and the healing it can bring. We believe you deserve the best, and safest, medication available to you at the fairest prices. Your health and welfare are important to us and we will stand by you, and with you, as you use cannabis to fulfill your medical needs. Allow us to be your partners in your healthcare plan. We are quick, confidential, and stand by our mission of taking responsibility for your access to high-quality and powerful medical cannabis. Contact us if you are looking for a better herbal product designed to naturally ease your symptoms. We guarantee medical-grade cannabis of the highest, premium quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Doc Green's Guarantee