Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma

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Did you know that you can’t buy marijuana in Oklahoma without a valid medical card? That’s right. You just can’t pop into a local dispensary, show a state ID, and buy cannabis products.

So, to enjoy the medicinal benefits of marijuana in Oklahoma, you must first apply for a medical card. 

This article gives you an overview of this medical card, what it entails, who can apply, and of course, whether you are eligible.

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An Overview of Medical Marijuana Cards

A medical marijuana card allows you to do the following in Oklahoma:

  • Carry a maximum of 3 ounces of marijuana on your person
  • Stash up to 8 ounces of marijuana in your residence
  • Grow not more than six mature cannabis plants
  • Own six or fewer seedlings
  • Possess up to 72 ounces of edible cannabis products
  • Hold 1 ounce of concentrated cannabis

Note that a medical marijuana card doesn’t give you authority to sell cannabis in Oklahoma. You can only do that if you have a valid business license and a state certificate of good standing.

If authorities apprehend you selling marijuana without meeting state requirements, you may be imprisoned for 2-4 years or attract life imprisonment, depending on the amount you are selling.

Moreover, authorities in Oklahoma consider possession of any amount of marijuana a misdemeanor. If you get arrested with cannabis, only a valid medical marijuana card can save you from spending up to a year in prison or incurring hefty fines.

Who Can Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma?

You can apply for a medical marijuana card if you are a legal Oklahoma resident and 18 years or older. Minors, too, can get patient cards, provided they have at least two doctor recommendations. Their guardians or parents must also submit an online form to the OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority).

What if you are not a legal resident of Oklahoma? In that case, you may apply for a temporary card and use it during your stay in this state. But that is solely an option for visitors with marijuana cards valid elsewhere.

Most importantly, any medical condition can make you eligible for a medical card in Oklahoma, as long as doctors ascertain that marijuana will help. Generally, people get cards for:

  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • ¬†Glaucoma
  • Anorexia
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Seizures

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma

If you meet all eligibility requirements, get a medical marijuana card from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority by doing the following:

  1. Get recommended by your doctor
  2. Visit the OMMA licensing portal
  3. Create an account or log in
  4. Fill out an online application form
  5. Prove you are eligible for a card
  6. Pay relevant application fees
  7. Wait for your card to arrive via mail

If you qualify for a medical marijuana card, OMMA will send it via mail within 14 business days. The license is valid for two years, after which renewal is mandatory.

Why Does OMMA Reject Some Applications?

A rejection notice from OMMA is the last thing any applicant can wish for. Sadly, it’s not uncommon. Your application may get rejected if you don’t provide all relevant documents, including a valid ID, photo, and recommendation from your doctor.

Fortunately, OMMA will notify you via email if your application has missing documents. When that happens, all you have to do is rectify the mistake and resubmit.

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