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Medical marijuana boasts several benefits – reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles, controlling nausea, stimulating appetite, and more. However, the vast disparity between marijuana dispensaries makes finding a reputable one quite an arduous journey.

In other words, people want to feel comfortable and safe while purchasing their marijuana products. And while clinics may vary, it’s not surprising to find yourself at a crossroads when picking your go-to dispensary.

Unfortunately, folks residing in and around Stillwater, OK, don’t have their case any different. Suppose that’s you and choosing a dispensary around Stillwater is proving challenging, don’t fret; we got you!

Below is a complete guide to helping you pick out the best dispensary near you. Let’s get right to it!

Choosing a Marijuana Dispensary? – What to Consider

There are several telltale signs that you can employ to tell whether a dispensary is worth it or not. They include:

Operating License

Marijuana dispensaries require government-issued licenses to sell marijuana products. Governments enforce licensing to safeguard the consumer and ensure compliance with laws governing the sale and consumption of marijuana. Consider a licensed dispensary when making your choice.

Customer Service

Remember, the customer is always right! You are entitled to receive value for your money. Therefore, it is essential that you only choose a Stillwater dispensary where you are valued and treated with high regard.

Always check the dispensary’s customer reviews to be on the front foot and avoid disappointment.


When choosing a dispensary, consider the one delivering the utmost convenience – in our case, pick out a Stillwater dispensary that you can always access within the shortest time. Remember, paying a visit to your dispensary doesn’t necessarily have to be another daunting chore.

Quality & Costs

Nobody hates saving themselves a few bucks during purchase. So, you might want to ensure you choose a dispensary that offers the highest quality marijuana at the lowest possible price. That is the compromise you need to strike.

It’s not reasonable to exchange your hard-earned money for low-quality marijuana flowers and products. As such, choose a dispensary that either grows its marijuana or instead has a reliable supplier. That way, you can always get high-quality products.


You want to get your marijuana product from a dispensary where you feel safe. Marijuana is primarily a cash-based business, which means people know that the dispensary always has a few hundred or sometimes thousands of dollars in holding.

So, suppose the clinic is situated in a crime-prone area; petty criminals may be tempted to rob the store and probably harm you. Ensure the dispensary you chose is strategically located in a government-stipulated area that guarantees 24/7 security.

Health Assurance

Remember, your health is highly vital and therefore, only consider a dispensary that observes proper hygiene and meets all the relevant standard health and safety regulations.

Ensure the dispensary provides a clean environment where the marijuana is only handled with tongs. And if they ever have to touch it, they should always wear gloves. Also, the dispensary must have a laboratory where they test all their flowers and products for potency and contaminants.


A reliable dispensary should have a wide variety of marijuana strains. Your facility of choice should boast several species of sativa, indica, and hybrid marijuana strains. Sativa species are often associated with increased activity, while indicas are often synonymous with mellow feelings of relaxation and tranquility.

You probably guessed it right – yes, the hybrids are a combination of both sativa and indica. An accredited dispensary should offer hybrid flowers and products with different THC and CBD balances. Check out our dispensary menu to see what we offer.

Your Go-To Dispensary in Stillwater, OK

When choosing a marijuana dispensary, you should only settle for one that checks most, if not all, the right boxes. If you live within or around Stillwater, OK, Doc Green’s can make your ideal go-to marijuana dispensary.

We have all the necessary licenses, provide 100% customer-centric service, and are conveniently located off Main Street. By choosing to source your marijuana products from us, we guarantee your safety and good health since we hygienically perform all our marijuana handling. At the same time, our prices are the most customer-friendly in the state.

So, contact us or drop by the next time you are around Main Street and get yourself the finest weed available!

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